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Welcome to the Falcon 4.0 Allied Force Underground :) This site is dedicated to bring features such as updates, downloads, tips, tricks and news that pertain to Allied Force to you without hesitation. Some of these files are new, secret, or otherwise unknown about but we are dedicated here to bring you the most we can for this personable sim. Access to the site is open so just use the navigation bar to the left to go to the appropriate sector. We are also open to public's idea's and prospects, so if you feel we should host a file or info, please contact the site through the contact section and we will do our best to fullfill the request. Thanks for looking! --F4UG Management 2007--

02-01-07; Site Contact has been fixed! Sorry it took so long, I had forgotten about it, lol. Now all should work fine if you have any questions or comments or files. :)
01-13-07: The site has undergone a complete renovation and new look! Some things have been added while others have been taken out. Feel free to have a look around and enjoy the new place :) If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact management. Thanks!

Current Update;

Attn; This site is operated under personal creation and does not have any affiliate with Lead Pursuit. All downloads are copywritten to their original owners and documented in each files readme. This site is best viewed under 1024 X 768 resolution for proper picture and text fitting. Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Please contact site Admin via contact navigation on this site. --F4UG Management 2007--