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This is the latest news from Lead Pursuit copied directly from them. This info will consist of patch updates, add-on info, sim fixes, and more. The below info is the most recent update from Lead Pursuit so if you want any of their archived news, please visit their site located at

News Update: November 19th, 2006

We've just released a small update to 1.0.8 to correct a few little niggles. Changes include improved HUD symbology, Artificial Intelligence, Multiplayer and Stability. The patch is tagged 1.0.9 and can be obtained either by using the Update Check function in Start / Programs / Battlefield Operations folder or by downloading the patch from our downloads area. Please note that the team is aware of the issue with the new nVidia 8800 series cards and we're still looking into this.

The full changelog for 1.0.9 is listed below:



  • Gave player a little more time to clear the runway after landing.
  • Fix AI pulling up aggressively at takeoff and not flying the flyout modes anymore.
  • Section takeoffs reenabled.
  • ATC will no longer at the last second give a hold short order (because of aircraft landings) while the player is rolling onto the runway following a previous take runway instruction.
  • Fix an issue with Ramp Start / Idle detent not working correctly in specific cases.
  • Correct team names for news messages in Balkans theaters.
  • Fix the RWR large font bug.
  • Display correct AOA bracket
  • Correct HUD scaling in narrow resolutions (1280x1024)
  • Fix the "R" for Alt Radar position on HUD.
  • Fix for "Ace Factor" not being updated in dogfights human vs. human.
  • No client can change the server's Dogfight settings anymore. Furthermore, only the own and AI aircraft types can be changed now.
  • Fix AI bombing runways not causing hits when the host is in the UI.
  • Set maximum dogfight range to 75 nm.
  • No more sound playing while importing ACMI files.
  • Fix loadout view of missing fuel tank for aircraft without A2G munition (e.g. F-14A/B).
  • Fix CTD when joining a TE with longer callsigns.