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Falcon 4.0 AF Underground


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This is the web site for the maker of this simulation, Lead Pursuit. Here you can find out all you want to know about the simulation and it's features. You can also buy the simulation directly from here. If you do not have this game, I highly recommend you go here and get it. You will not be dissapointed!!


This site contains many wonderful and extremely accurate cockpits for Falcon 4.0. These cockpits however, are currently only for previous versions of Falcon 4.0. Previous versions are such as Free Falcon, Bench Mark Sims, and Cobra. There are many versions of Falcon but all work with these cockpits. Aeyes has done fabulous work on these cockpits and you will never feel closer to a real jet cockpit unless you jump in one! Most of the cockpits are fully functional and work. Aeyes has a good number of free downloadable cockpits for those that do not want to pay for them. The more advanced and detailed cockpits for the simulation however, do cost about $10.00 USA currency. I more than recommend to go to this site and check out these pits. If your running a previous version of Falcon, I also recommend to buy one of these pits for your simulation, you will never regret it!


Free Falcon is the main distributer for patches to the original Falcon 4.0 simulation. Their versions of the simulation run from FF1.0 to Cobra. These add-on programs for the simulation contain a whole new look and feel for the simulation. These patches change the simulation so much, you will wonder if you are in the same simulation!! Such items changed and upgraded in the simulation contain but are not limited to texture changes, plane additions, cockpit changes, vehical additions, etc etc. I highly recommend to download one of these versions for your original Falcon 4.0 simulation. It will enhance your playability four fold!


This site contains terrain files for your original Falcon 4.0 simulation. These "Hi-Tiles" are very detailed tiles and terrain that add a great sense of realism to your simulation. There are two sets of tiles on this site. There are the freeware tiles and the payware tiles. The freeware tiles are for those of you that want a great new detailed looking terrain, but don't want to pay to have it. These tiles are detailed and great looking, but may have some drawbacks and are not the best of the best. Next are the payware tiles. These are the best of the bunch and cost around $10.00 USA. These are perfect for your game and make it look astounding! I have not tried these tiles but do recommend them because of their great following!


This site contains a terrian elevator and detailer for the original Falcon 4.0. This program elevates the terrain to a more realistic value for the Korea area and gives it some great detail. If you have a version of the old Falcon 4.0, I recommend to go here and get a great addition to your simulation!

These are the best of the best cockpits for Falcon 4.0. The cockpits were originally designed for Falcon 4.0, but, there is a proceedure to get them to also work in Allied Force. You will need to do some searching on your own to find this information. These cockpits are extreme in detail and smoothness. The cockpits here are only for the F-16 versions however, but are truly worth a look! The cockpits are modeled after the real F-16 cockpits and made to be extremely realistic! These are of course, payware at around $13.00 USA. This money would be well worth it for this quality of the F-16 cockpits. I recommend you go grab yourself one right now!


This site is the best for getting new parts for your computer. They have the lowest prices on the net, the best quality products, and the best brand names available. If your upgradeing your ram, or simply need a new graphics card, then this is the place for you! You must go here for all your computer needs!